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As a part of the Catapult community, I understand that it is my responsibility to uphold the following principals: • Place: We value the place around us. • Collaboration: Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration. • Respect: Catapult is a respectful place. It is safe for diversity, ideas, inspiration, and creativity. • Value: Our community honors hopes, dreams, and values. • Inclusion: All are invited to join and build on the conversation. • Energy: Catapult is a place where creative energy can thrive. • Mutual Benefit: A rising tide lifts all boats. I understand that Catapult does not and can not guarantee that I will be successful in my business. Furthermore, the benefits gained from participating in Catapult’s programs are a result of time, energy and dedication from the founder(s), and thus are not based solely on the completion of the programs. I further understand and authorize Catapult to provide applicable information to the assigned mentors and facilitators. I understand that any information released to be held in strict confidence by him/her. The Catapult Board of Directors has the right to accept or deny applications for any reason. No person will be excluded from participation in or otherwise subjected to discrimination in regard to services, programs and employment provided by Catapult based on race, sex, color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion. *
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